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Planning to host a conference, intimate meeting or event?
Want to shoot an advertisement or film in spectacular surroundings?

Contact Vatnajokull Travel to find out what the Vatnajokull glacier area can offer. We will be happy to assist you in organising and carrying out a successful, unforgettable stay.

Meetings and conferencesLying along the southern edge of Vatnajokull, the municipality of Hornafjörður provides an ideal place for meetings and conferences. Whether in the setting of Öræfi, Suðursveit or Höfn, groups are easy to keep together, creating bonds and strengthening cooperation.

Backdrops for advertisements and filmsJökulsárlón lagoon, Vatnajokull icecap and a range of glacial tongues encompass some of Iceland's most famous scenery, selected by numerous Icelanders and foreigners for shooting films and advertisements. Another popular background is the black basalt coast, which contrasts dramatically with nearby towering mountains.
Staff excursions, annual company celebrations, incentive trips and surprise outingsA wide selection of recreation and entertainment is on offer for groups of every sort and size. The region has accommodation and restaurants to suit varied expectations and tastes, making everyone feel welcome in the vicinity of Vatnajokull.

The glacier Vatnajokull reigns supreme, showing no regard for politics in Iceland or the rest of the world. In its Realm the ice is omnipotent, with powerful arms that have cut out valleys and peaks, and rushing rivers that have challenged surrounding settlements for centuries -- not to mention the subglacial volcanoes, long a source of destruction and change throughout the area. The endless struggle with the forces of nature has continually shaped regional culture and history. Extending around the icecap, Skaftafell National Park encloses the unique phenomenon of Vatnajokull, in addition to many of Iceland's leading natural wonders, such as the park's traditional core at Skaftafell, Ingólfshöfði headland, Jökulsárlón lagoon and Öræfajokull, Iceland's highest mountain. The regional town of Höfn, home to the interesting Glacier Exhibition and other services, enjoys one of the island's most fabulous panoramas.

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logoWould you like to drive a snowmobile on Europe´s largest glacier, sail among icebergs or explore our black sand dunes on ATV´s? How about viewing the magnificent Northern lights on a cold winter night? Vatnajökull Travel offers exciting tours around the region, all year long.  We plan our clients' trips, and acquire whichever service that is needed to make the tour as enjoyable as possible.

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The Vatnajökull region is easy to reach all year long! Eagle Air makes frequent flight between Höfn and Reykjavík and daily busses run daily from Reykjavík and Akureyri during the summer months.

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